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Projection Surfaces

Fabric Guide
  • The holes of the VisionAcoustik projection surface have a diameter of 0.5 mm.
  • The holes of the VisionMacroAcoustik projection surface have a diameter of 1.3 mm.
  • ChromaKey is not a projection surface. It’s a green surface used to create special visual effects.
  • Minimum throw distance in UST (ultra-short throw) applications: under 0.5x screen image width.
  • Minimum throw distance in ST (short throw) applications: equal to 0.5x screen image width.
  • None of the Adeo projection surfaces are suitable for 3D passive polarized applications.
ReferenceWhite 2
White surface for front projection
ReferenceGrey 2
Grey surface for front projection

ReferenceWhite 2 is a new improved material designed for those applications that require exceptional color accuracy at all viewing angles. Thanks also to the absence of hot spot effect, it is perfect to be used in a home-theatre or a professional studio. Recommended for controlled light environments.

Gain: 0.9

ReferenceGrey 2 is a new improved material designed for installations in rooms with bright walls and some ambient light. It maintains it’s faithful color accuracy at all viewing angles while improving the black level of fixed-matrix video projectors.
All these characteristics makes it also compatible with Ultra-Short Throw (UST) and Short Throw (ST) installations.

Gain: 0.5

AmbientGrey 2
White surface for front projection
Grey surface for front projection

New ambient light rejecting (ARL) surface that has been refined to improve the color uniformity and the depth of the projected image. It is our best surface for applications with presence of ambient light. This fabric can also be used with Short Throw (ST) projectors.

Gain: 0.9

AmbientGrey surface is designed to be used in applications with the presence of ambient light or in rooms with bright colored walls. This screen material achieves the best video performance with high brightness Home Theater projectors, and is also suitable to be used in Ultra-Short Throw (UST) and Short Throw (ST) applications, maintaining excellent black levels and perfect color uniformity.

Gain: 0.6

White Surface for front projection
White surface with black back for front projection

VisionWhite represents the top in terms of projection surface quality, guaranteeing perfect planarity, for optimal image reproduction even on very large screens, and excellent light diffusion, by effect of the special embossing of the projection surface. The wide viewing angle, high luminosity, absence of hot-spot effects and exceptional uniformity of colour have made it the benchmark surface of the Adeo range. Owing to its versatility it can be used in different contexts, from professional applications (also in the presence of ambient light) to high definition Home Theatre systems (recommended for environments with dimmed light).

Gain: 1.2

The Adeo range also includes a laminated surface, especially designed for critical situations where the screens positioned in front of a strong source of light. By blocking out the light, the black back guarantees unimpaired projection.
This projection material is particularly suitable for small- and medium-sized screens..

Gain: 0.9

White surface for front projection
Vision MacroAcoustik
White surface for front projection

The dia. 0.5 mm micro-holes punched all over the surface render this projection material “acoustically transparent”, so that the soundsource can be positioned behind the screen without compromising the audio standard. Devised especially for high definition Home Theatre applications, VisionAcoustik reduces the loss of luminosity typical of traditional perforated surfaces owing to the use of micro-holes, whose significantly smaller diameter guarantees the absence of hot-spot effects at the centre of the screen.

Gain: 0.75

Like VisionAcoustik, this surface is also perforated with micro-holes (dia. 1.3 mm) which render it “acoustically transparent”, so that the sound source can be positioned behind the screen: a perfect localisation of the projected image and of the sound source is thus obtained. Its application, however, is different: VisionMacroAcoustik has been devised especially for large-size screens, and again for avoiding the hot-spot effect.

Gain: 0.75


Grey surface for rear projection

VisionRear DB
Surface for front and rear projection

Excellent image projection results and a wide viewing angle with the projector positioned behind the screen. VisionRear is the best solution for achieving an optimal saving without compromising the diffusion of light, while avoiding the hot-spot effect in the centre of the screen.

Gain: 0.9

This innovative screen material is designed to be used in both front and rear projection application. It can be used also in applications that requires to continuously switch between front and rear projection by electronically inverting image on vertical axis. It offers extremely wide viewing angle with flat spectral response and no colour shift throughout the whole recommended viewing angle. Designed for 4K Ultra HD applications, it is perfectly suited for use with todays high-brightness high-performance video projectors.

Gain: 0.6 Front - 0.8 Rear

White scratch-resistant surface for
front projection
Grey surface for rear projection

In service and rental contexts, screens are subjected to frequent assembling and dismantling operations, and the surface often remains folded for long periods and in all sorts of climate conditions. These circumstances can damage normal projection materials, impressing marks in the place of the folds. To avoid the ”impression effect” Adeo offers VisionFold, the projection material characterised by greater elasticity.

Gain: 0.9

A proposal for the service and rental channel, specific for rear projection. Owing to its outstanding elasticity, this surface resists wear-and-tear and weathering, and withstands the repeated assembling and dismantling operations typical of the applications it is intended for.

Gain: 0.65

Chroma Key
Surface in green color RAL 6038
The chroma key is a technique used in the TV and cinema industries to create special effects, projecting people or objects onto “virtual” backgrounds, being added separately at a later stage. This solution allows to mix two (or more) videos, using a particular background during post-production, resulting in perfectly merged and synchronized images.
Most recommended surface per application
For Ambient Light Rejection (ALR)
AmbientGrey 2 - AG2
For Ultra-Short Throw (UST)
ReferenceGrey 2 - RG2
For Ambient Light Rejection (ALR) + Ultra-Short Throw (UST)
AmbientGrey - AGR
For Acoustic Transparency (AT)
VisionAcoustik - VAC
For Acoustic Transparency (AT) + Ultra-Short Throw (UST)
VisionAcoustik - VAC
For Back Light Blocking (BB)
VisionWhitePro - VWP
For Rear Projection
VisionRear DB - VDB
For No Speakers Behind the Screen in Dedicated Completely Dark Room
ReferenceWhite 2 - RW2
For No Speakers Behind the Screen in Dedicated Room with Light Colored Walls
ReferenceGrey 2 - RG2
For Education Channel (Low and Mid Market Segments)
VisionWhite - VWH
For Rental in Front Projection
VisionFold - VFO
For Rental in Rear Projection
VisionFoldRear - VFR
Video projection screens are not designed to be installed in front of windows, near strong sources of light, or at direct sunlight, near heat sources as heating stoves, fireplaces, flues or air conditioning systems for both warm and cold air.

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