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Screen Research

A strategic partnership between two leaders in the Video Projection Screen market.

Screen Research French brand and ADEO Screen have concluded a strategic agreement that brings Screen Research into the ADEO SCREEN. Adeo underlines the importance of this collaboration in this moment and for the future projects.

This partnership is founded on the complementary nature of Adeo Screen and Screen Research that matches perfectly together in the operative context.

The Adeo organizational structure will support the French partner to realize a common plan of development and expansion. This plan is to gain/capture the leadership position in the international market, keeping both brand identities.

Screen Research is a brand distributed in 40 countries over the world: they offer a full range of fixed, motorized, flat and curved screens, including with remote-controlled masking systems and built-in speakers.

The advanced product Lines include the ClearPix2™, acoustically transparent and THX and ISF certificated screen, which enables speakers to be positioned behind the screen for unrivalled audio clarity, creating a perfect fusion of image and sound.

The technology of Screen Research products, protected by many international patents, is widely recognize as superior and “state of art” design by the market.

Adeo Screen and Screen Research are already well known brands in the market: this acquisition will allow another important step in terms of development and cooperation.

In the next future we will send a release to illustrate the new products and their features.

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Living room from Screen Research

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